Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rival MC, Impossible Odds

Impossible Odds won the JB Seed Grant to fund their self-titled debut EP of conscious Aussie hip hop.

“My dad always took us to church and my mum was always singing around the house. She sings in choirs and stuff and always had us in choirs.”

When was it you first got into hip hop?

“I was about 10. My cousins that are all 40 now would listen to everything. Grandmaster Flash, N.W.A., anything and everything, Public Enemy... They’d bring it home all the time and I’d hear it pumping in their cars. I thought ‘Ah, this sounds good!’ Then, not having much money growing up, I got into beatboxing. Been 17 years now that I’ve been beatboxing and that just came out of necessity because I didn’t have money to buy a Walkman. At the time they were like the state of the art. I didn’t have that luxury so I’d replicate the beats and walk around and beatbox to myself.”

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